Waiver / Rules / policies

Socks required

  • No shoes allowed on inflatables
  • No bare feet - socks required
  • We sell socks if you forget
  • Socks are for the safety of the individual as well as other. 


All guests must have a currently signed waiver. 

No Exceptions! 

  • Paper waivers are valid for 1 day 
  • Online waivers are vaild for 1 year ( save time checking in and set up an account with an online waiver ) 

Online Waiver

No Food / Drinks

  • No food / drink on inflatables
  • Please follow all posted rules on equipment
  • No confetti, silly string or glitter in party rooms. ( $50 cleaning fee if used ) 

Little guests have the Right of Way

  • we want all of our guests to have fun
  • please give our smallest guests the right of way
  • no small children and adults bouncing on inflatables

Private Party Room Space

Our private party rooms are available for reservation. This space is exclusive to the group that reserved it. If No party has reserved the space, we will open this area up to the OPEN PLAY Public.